The Board of Carinbundi was initiated by a group of parents whose children have disabilities. Since its inception, the Board has developed into a Strategic and Governance group that will soon include outside appointees who have specialised skills in areas such as legal, financial and medical.  This expertise will provide the organisation with a highly professional platform from which we can provide the very best in care to our customers and ensure Carinbundi operates effectively into the future. 

A brief overview of the Board:

Arthur Begeda, Chair:  Arthur spent many years as Principal of the Avondale School, until his retirement. Arthur brings a wealth of experience to his position on the Board, and oversees the reporting by various sub-Committees who ensure Carinbundi is growing successfully into the future.

Rosemary Fry:  Rosemary is a long-serving Board member and was Secretary to the Board for a number of years.  Rosemary has a background in administration including accounting, and is Chair of Carinbundi’s Finance & Audit Committee, and also works as Treasurer for the Carinbundi Foundation.  Rosemary works closely with management to ensure our financial position is always viable and forward-looking.

Margaret Gibbs:  Margaret is a founding member of the Board and also a member of the Finance & Audit Committee.  Margaret contributes her skillset towards ensuring Carinbundi operates successfully into the future.

Peter Lemura:  Peter joined as a member of the Board in 2014 and holds the position of Chair of Carinbundi’s Continuing Quality Improvement and Risk Committee, which oversees the mitigation of risks, and the continual improvement in services of Carinbundi. Peter has a skillset that offers much to the ongoing improvements the organisation seeks to achieve.

Diane Nedwich:  Diane is a founding member of the Board, and is a Director of the Carinbundi Foundation.  Diane'sr knowledgeable contributions across all sectors of the organisation is invaluable. 

Dr Preshy Varghese: Dr Preshy Varghese is a practising GP and a Practice Principal of Grace Family Practice in Bargara & Grace Medical Skin & Vein Centre at East Bundaberg.  Dr Preshy has served as a Board member in different organisations including Division of General Practice, GP Links Wide Bay, and also served the Queensland Rural Medical Education for past seven years. Dr Preshy was the Medical Educator for Generalist Medical Training of James Cook University in the Bundaberg region. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland Medical School.

Amanda Phipps:  Amanda holds a CEO role in a WA firm, and is not only a Carinbndi Board Director, but also holds the position of Chair of the Carinbundi Foundation Board. Amanda's contributions to both the Foundation and the Carinbundi Board are given from a background of an understanding of the Disability Sector, the Health Sector, and private banking.

Janet Brennan: Janet is a solicitor employed as in-house counsel for the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service.  Janet has been a Board member since 2017 and she chairs the Supported Independent Living Sub-Committee.  Janet is also a lecturer in the School of Business and Law at CQUniversity. She is passionate about providing disability services that enable and challenge people to be their ‘best self’.

David Cheung:  David is a Pharmacist, and a partner at Blooms The Chemist in Bundaberg.  David has owned and operated a number of pharmacies and other businesses within Queensland.  David is passionate about family health care, and has a primary goal of building successful organisations that concentrate on professional care within the community.

Carinbundi is undertaking appointments of professionals from outside the organisation to ensure we have the skills required to see the organisation, and our customers, into a bright future.  When new appointments are made official, the details will be uploaded to this website.

Clive Pearce, CEO:  Clive’s background in management and marketing provides the organisation with a strong leader whose vision is to have Carinbundi known as a first-class provider of services to people with disabilities throughout the Wide Bay Region. Clive is using continual improvement ‘best practice’ methods to ensure the organisation’s future viability, and to make it possible for those with disabilities to get the services they require under the NDIS, and achieve their dreams and goals.



Organisational Chart