The Older Carers Initiative:

This is an initiative funded by Department of Communities, Disability Services, aimed at reducing potential anxieties of older carers concerned about the future living arrangements and support for a much loved family member. The initiative aims to provide answers to the following questions:

- where will my son/daughter live when I am no longer able to care for them?
- who will she/he be living with?
- will he/she be cared for and supported by someone who understands his/her support needs?
- will the family have an opportunity to be involved in these important decisions?   

This initiative has a flexible and innovative approach to provide opportunities for people:
- to develop life skills based on identified aims and ambitions
- to be involved, share and enjoy, social presence within the community
- to allow carers to have flexible and creative 'respite' options
- to identify future planning needs, when the carer is no longer able to support their son or daughter at home

Who is an Older Carer?

An older carer is defined as being over 65 years of age for non-indigenous carers, and over 50 years of age for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander carer.

What is Involved?

The NDIS Pre-Planner will meet with carers and gather information about the person being cared for, their support needs, and the family's preferences and wishes for the future. With this information, the NDIS Pre-Planner will develop a support plan that will become the property of the individual for future planning and support.

The NDIS Pre-Planner will also coordinate, and trial, possible co-tenancy arrangements with people with similar support needs and preferences. These co-tenancy trials will provide valuable information in regard to potential future living arrangements once a carer is no longer able to provide for their loved one.

Should you wish to talk to and/or meet our NDIS Pre-Planner, or you know of someone who may benefit from this service, please use the 'Contact Us' link and you will be contacted within 24 hours. You can also call us on (07) 4158 9600 and arrange to have the NDIS Pre-Planner visit you to provide further information.