Stories From Our Families

Pam's new support worker Tiara "fits in"

Feb 09 2017

Dear Steve,

My daughter Pam has been a client of Calinbundi for several years under the OCP pragrem.

She, & two other young ladies, has had an excellent rapport with their support working & really enjoyed their time with her. So it was very dissappointing for Pam when the supporte worker ceased to work for Carinbundi.

Pam was very concerned that the new worker would not "fit in" with them. However, after the first day of support with Tiara, Pam couldn't have been more happy. Tiara "fitted in" with the girls, was open to their voices, very friendly & fun to work with.

As a parent it is important to me for Pam to receive relevant and enjoyable support, so I am very pleased that this is being achieved with the appaintment of Tiara as her support worker.


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09-02-2017 Pam's new support worker Tiara "fits in"

As a parent it is important to me for my daughter Pam to receive relevant and enjoyable support.

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