Challenging Behaviours

Our experience has shown that people can learn positive alternatives to challenging behaviour, in order to communicate more effectively and this then leads to healthier, happier lives.

If a loved one that you are supporting is displaying challenging behaviours as their form of communication, you can be confident with the support and care delivered by Carinbundi’s qualified team.

  • Our Behaviour Support team focuses on developing person-centred strategies and Positive Behaviour Support Plans that help people to lead full lives in the community.
  • Our staff are trained in the safe implementation of Physical Assault Avoidance and Intervention in complex cases.
  • We continuously monitor the effectiveness of strategies used
  • We ensure there is regular family communication and involvement
  • Our specialist team liaise with external Stakeholders as required.

At Carinbundi, we want all families to consistently experience the highest standard of support, and we are committed to do this through continual development of our team’s skills and up-to-date, ongoing training.

Challenging Behaviour Outdoors