Health and Wellbeing

Customers have various physical activities they can chose varying from walks to swimming as well as physical sporting activities. Occasionally people with in the community come in house to teach physical activities.

Kitchen and Dining

A cooking program which includes developing shopping list, purchasing groceries, preparation and cooking of meals and cleaning up when finished. Customers also receive a cook book with the recipes prepared throughout year.

Money Management

This activity offers banking skills through ANZ bank, it encourages opening personal account and banking each week. Customers are encouraged to pay for any purchases through assistance of staff. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own monies.

Work Skills

Volunteering in the community.

Day Service have a volunteer program within the community ie Meals on Wheels, Life Line, Toy Library. Customers are given a variety of tasks that are related to the place of volunteering, ie Meals on Wheels – they prep food, wash dishes, peel vegetables and they also deliver meals to residence in the community.

Basic Life Skills

Activities can vary from road safety awareness to everyday life tasks ie. washing dishes making bed or hanging out the washing

Transition to Independent Living Programs

Customers are encouraged to gain independent skills through learning everyday life tasks which include tasks like making bed, washing up, general gardening etc.