Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Carinbundi’s Supported Independent Living (SIL) services provide a safe and supportive home environment for people with a wide range of needs.

We have 14 Supported Independent Living (SIL) houses that range from 3-5 people in a unit-complex, to people living on their own.  We support every customer according to their needs – some customers have very high needs and require specialist Behavioural Management Plans and 24-hour support, others require minimal assistance. We ensure customers socialise with people from other houses, and our priority is to ensure everyone is fully involved within the community. It’s all about delivering high-quality, professional support, and ensuring all customers have as much fun as possible!

Our flexible, highly-skilled staff create a nurturing living space for all customers, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential. At Carinbundi, we want everyone to experience life to the fullest, and to do this, we provide assistance with:

  • developing the individual’s goals and aspirations
  • developing and maintaining friendships
  • managing a healthy lifestyle
  • shopping, banking, visits to doctors and specialists.

At Carinbundi we want our customers to consistently experience the highest standard of care, and this is achieved through ongoing professional development of the staff’s skillsets and training on an ongoing, regular basis.

Families can feel confident that the care delivered by Carinbundi’s professional and qualified team is of a very high standard. Our team is always looking at new program ideas, and ways to further include our customers in the community.  Our staff all understand their duty and responsibility is to put our customers and their families first and foremost.


Carinbundi SUpported Accommodation


The Carinbundi Foundation is our dedicated organisation to promote Safe & Secure Homes for people living with a disability.

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